Armed Violence News

Updates on the latest developments from the Nepal Armed Violence Assessment (NAVA), as well as relevant news about the situation in Nepal

NAVA Updates

17 November 2014: New Issue Brief - The Highway Routes: Small Arms Smuggling in Eastern Nepal

10 December 2013: New Issue Brief - Crime and Security Perceptions in the Nepali Private Sector

26 June 2013: Podcast - Nepal's Uneasy Peace: Perceptions of security and armed violence

14 May 2013: Launch of NAVA publications in Kathmandu. Media release

20 January 2012: The NAVA website is up!

In the News: NAVA and Armed Violence in Nepal

Trouble Ahead in Nepal, Open Democracy, 17 January 2011
Armed Violence in Asia, Comunidade Segura, Brazil, 22 March 2011
Reducing the toll, The Kathmandu Post, Nepal, 27 March 2011
How golden is the handshake for Nepalís mobilised Maoists?, My Republica, Nepal, July 13, 2011